There aren’t many things that all the generations from Baby Boomers to Gen Z agree on, but the love of Amazon is universal! 


Earlier this year, Clarify Capital published the results of a survey trying to target the most trusted brands in America. While each generation had a different “least trusted brand,” the choice for “most trusted brand” was unanimous across the board. Amazon came out on top.

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Once Amazon opened their Nampa fulfillment center, same day or one-day shipping became available for more and more products in the Treasure Valley. While it’s not quite the instant gratification you get walking into Fred Meyer, Walmart or retailers at the Village or Boise Towne Square Mall, it’s definitely convenient for busy shoppers who want their items sooner rather than later. 

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Quick shipping and a seemingly endless list of products sold through Amazon aren’t the only reason that people trust Amazon. They recently rolled out a “recalls and product safety alert” page to inform customers when one of the products that they purchased has been recalled for one reason or another. 

That page rolled out in the United States in 2023 and went global this year. Thousands of units of these 10 items were sold nationwide, including here in Idaho. All of them are now under product safety recalls. Here’s a look at when they were recalled, why they were recalled and what you can do to remedy the problem if you purchased one of them. 

10 Amazon Items Sold in Idaho Now Under Urgent Recall

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