Check Your Pantry for Recalled Jalapeno Chips
If you like spice, you could probably polish off an entire bag in one sitting without thinking twice, but before you dig in to some certain jalapeno chips, you might want to check to make sure they're not on the recall list.
Chicken Purchased in Boise May Have Dirt In It
To say the least, it's not ideal to lift a freshly sauced and grilled chicken wing to your mouth and taste dirt and sand.  That puts a damper on the back yard party.
There's one company recalling its products now over worries about sand and black soil in the chicken. And ther…
Boise Plant Recalls Products
Boise's Meadow Gold Plant has issued a Voluntary Recall on Whipping Cream and Half & Half Products. The company has come out and said that there has been no cases of anyone reporting sickness due to the products but a worry of insufficient pasteurization
Peanut Butter Recall
Several jars of peanut butter have been recalled. Look for these organic and store-brand labels. Some almond butter is also included in the recall. Here's the list and instructions on what to do: