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Guess Which Three Idaho Stars Are On Cameo
If you don't know what Cameo is, it's a service where ordinary people like us pay C to D list celebrities to send a video message to a friend. For the right amount of money, some celebrities will even do live calls. Each celebrity sets their own price, and they can range from $10 to $1000.…
4 Easy Ways to Support Idaho Small Businesses for FREE
With many big retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and Target foregoing big doorbuster sales on Thanksgiving evening in favor of deals throughout the entire month of November, it's no surprise that many people in the Treasure Valley have gotten a jump start on their holiday shopping.
Four Times Idaho Was Featured In Video Games
Sure, Idaho has been featured in books, movies, and music forever. Still, there's another medium that Idaho has been featured in. Movies might make Idaho look amazing, books make people think about moving here, and music makes us sound good...

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