Each Christmas Wish is granted with the recipient in mind. The gifts are customized and purchased with that specific family's needs as the focus. We want to use your donations in the best way possible and really try to be the type of Santa's elves who give something to families that offer a "leg up" or a little relief in the middle of a struggle.

In doing all of this personal shopping, we find out things that are going on in each person's life. This morning, not only were we able to deliver some incredible gifts to Melissa, who's teenage daughter lost her life and, then, not long after, got a call that her husband had died of a heart attack while out of town.

No matter the struggle, Melissa can't just put her head in the sand. She has two kids to raise. One of which was celebrating her 17th birthday today! We can't let that one slide on a Christmas Wish delivery day!

What does every teenage girl want? To go shopping! We were talking about going to Gordmans and loading up on outfits that are super-cute and right on trend. With everything going on in her life, having something new and for herself (that she feels amazing in), is no small gift. She's got great style so this will be a nice break from reality for a minute as she browses through cardigans, jeans, plaid print scarves, purses, jewelry, bedroom decor...oh wait, this isn't me shopping. I got lost in my thoughts.

Hear how it all happened:



Special thank you to Gordmans for the gift card so this birthday celebration could be a special one.