With the United States still very much going through the COVID-19 pandemic, summer vacation might look a little different this year. Rather than loading the family onto a plane, many families are sticking a little closer to home and doing a road trip.

If Summer 2020 is going to be the summer of road trips, we live in the best state for it! There are so many unique and beautiful things to see in Idaho like:

No matter where your road trip takes you, we want to get you there with a full tank of FREE gas! The LITE-FM Great Gas Giveaway is here and you've got a shot to nab a $50 gas card each morning this week. The game works EXACTLY like Tablet Tag.

Great Gas Giveaway Rules

  • Listen to Michelle in the Morning every weekday at 8:10. If you're caller #7, you automatically become "IT" and are in to win the tablet the next morning. If you're not the winner, remember the winner's name because your next shot is coming up at 9:10.
  • We'll take caller #7 again at 9:10, 11:10, 1:10 and 3:10. If you're caller #7 and can tell us the name of the person who's currently "IT" you qualify to win the $50 in FREE gas and become "IT."
  • We'll pick a grand prize winner from the pool of "ITs" every weekday morning at 7:50. The earlier you get yourself in to win the better your odds at winning! On Tuesday, you may only be playing against 5 people for the tablet. On Wednesday it could be 10. Thursday 15...you get the idea!
  • We'll pop your gas card in the mail so that you don't have to leave the house or come in contact with us here at the station. We do miss seeing your smiling faces at our front desk, so feel free to tag us in photos from your road trip!

See the Must-Drive Roads in Every State

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