As a new-ish Boise resident of almost six months, I'm looking forward to the summer to really experience what this Idaho life is all about. This past weekend, I took my kids to Sandy Point Beach at Lucky Peak. After having been to beaches in Minnesota, I thought I knew what to expect, but I was utterly blown away. It was much better than the beaches of the midwest! After doing some Google searching, I have made a list of other adventures that I want to take them on. Here's my top three list, and if you think I'm missing something, please feel free to make suggestions.


Shoshone Falls

Image via Youtube/Southern Idaho Tourism
Image via Youtube/Southern Idaho Tourism

When I first started researching moving to Boise, I would search the internet for what Idaho looks like. To be honest, I thought it was nothing but potato fields, because that's what you're taught growing up in Denver. I know now that this narrative was given to the Denver school system by people who live in Idaho, so that people wouldn't move here! In my research, the first picture that popped up was of Shoshone Falls. If it's even half as amazing as the pictures, I definitely want to see it.

Thousand Springs

I recently saw a picture of this, and it went from not being on the list to be right near the top. The springs and the plant life look so different from anything else in the state that I'm surprised more people aren't talking about it. Thousand Springs became a state park less than 15 years ago, so maybe it's still a secret.

Craters Of The Moon

USA, Idaho, Craters Of The Moon National Monument, Lava
LightRocket via Getty Images

There aren't many places where you can walk on lava, but Idaho has one of them. From the pictures, it doesn't just look like you've left Idaho, it's like you've left the planet! If nothing else, I can go there and make an iPhone version of a sci-fi movie.

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