As Lagoon gets closer to unveiling its first new thrill ride in almost eight years, we’re taking a look back at the rides that have stood the test of time! 

Lagoon’s last thrill ride, Cannibal, was built in 2015. It wasn’t the last new ride to debut in the Utah amusement park. The park added two rides, Ruka Safari and Flying Tigers, to Kiddieland in 2017. While we’re sure the kids love those rides, there wasn’t a ton of chatter about them on message boards created for both Lagoon fans and roller coaster enthusiasts. That sort of intrigue only comes around when a park starts building a mysterious roller coaster without releasing any details to the public. 

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And that’s what happened when Lagoon started building what used to be called “Steel Roller Coaster 1.” We now know that the new coaster will be called Primordial. Other than the name, we don’t know much about the new ride.

Facebook/Coaster Studios
Facebook/Coaster Studios

While Lagoon itself opens for the season on Saturday, March 25 it appears that they’re still putting the final touches on the new thrill ride. Their most recent update on Facebook said: 

“Primordial is still on track to open during the 2023 season! No one is more excited about opening this one-of-a-kind interactive attraction than the Lagoon team. We appreciate your patience as we continue to work around the clock to complete this very special addition to the park.”

Don’t let that discourage you from either winding down your Spring Break (or starting it, depending on what school system your kids are part of.) There are still plenty of amazing rides for the entire family to enjoy! We dug through Lagoon’s website and some fan-built history projects to discover which of the 55 rides and attractions in the park were the oldest.  

How many of them have you ridden? 

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