Rumors about the ride that enthusiasts call “Steel Coaster 1” have been circulating for nearly five years. Lagoon finally answered one of the burning questions fans have had about the strange-looking ride. 

It's been seven years since Lagoon in Farmington, Utah introduced its last roller coaster. When Cannibal opened in July 2015, it gave parkgoers an experience they couldn't find anywhere else in America. According to Coasterpedia, its 116º first hill set a new record for the steepest verticle drop in the country. It's a record that Lagoon held onto until a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-themed coaster stole it in 2019. Even though their record was shattered, it's a coaster the park still takes a lot of pride in because it was designed and built in-house.

Creating an experience unlike anything in the world seems to be the goal with their mysterious new coaster. Since coaster enthusiasts stumbled across a trademark filed by Lagoon for an "amusement park ride in the nature of roller coaster" in August 2017, there have been more than 2,000 posts about the future of "Steel Roller Coaster 1" on the Lagoon Fans online forum.

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On one thread, they speculated that “Primordial” would be the name of the new coaster. Lagoon spokesperson, Julie Freed, tried to downplay that rumor in a September 2021 interview with Fox 13 explaining that it was one of the five names the park copyrighted for the ride but because it was the one circulated the most, it was unlikely to be chosen. 

What We Know About the New Coaster

Well, it looks like she pulled a fast one on us because Lagoon officially unveiled “Primordial” as the name of the new ride, along with its logo via a dragon-themed teaser video on their Instagram account this week: 

So, we know the name but the park hasn’t given us many details about what the ride experience is going to be like. They simply shared this description before introducing their Black Friday Sale. 

“Lagoon is thrilled to announce, Primordial, the one-of-a-kind interactive coaster scheduled to open 2023! This is a ride experience like you have never seen. Lagoon has worked with an international team of designers and manufacturers, including amazing local companies and vendors, to create and produce this incredible state-of-the-art attraction. Primordial has been engineered to accommodate riders at 36” in height. Riders under 48” must be accompanied by a supervising companion.” 

From another Fox 13 interview, we also know that the footprint of the ride is 30% larger than Cannibal. 

What We Don’t Know About the Coaster

When Primordial Will Open

One Instagram user asked if Primordial will be open on opening day or later in the season. The park replied that at this time, the exact date has not been finalized. 

YouTube/Coaster Studios
YouTube/Coaster Studios

What the Ride Experience Will Be Like

Enthusiasts speculate that it could be similar to a ride called "Wonder Mountain's Guardian" at a park in Ontario, Canada. The Canadian park's website describes their ride as "a steel roller coaster blended with interactive video-based gaming, where riders compete with other riders for the high score." Based on the mountain-themed appearance of the Canadian ride, it's a fair guess from people who've seen Lagoon's construction in person.

Facebook/Coaster Studios
YouTube/Coaster Studios

When we visited the park in October 2021, crews were working on the new ride and certain walls on it have been sculpted to look like the sides of a mountain. A video of construction captured in June 2022 showed an eagle’s nest as part of the aesthetic. 

YouTube/Coaster Studios
YouTube/Coaster Studios

Lagoon has not yet announced which day they’ll open for the season in 2023. This past season they opened on March 26.

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