Idaho families are counting down the days until Spring Break. If you and the kids or grandkids are getting antsy and are looking for a reason to get out of the Treasure Valley for a weekend, Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington, Utah could be the perfect solution! 

The team at Lagoon is hard at work getting ready to open rides for the first time this season on Saturday, March 23. The historic amusement park is one of the absolute best road trips you can take from the Boise area. It’s less than five hours away. From late March through late May you get to experience all the thrills of their fantastic rides. Once Memorial Day weekend hits, you get in to add in the chills of the waterslides at Lagoon a Beach. 

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Plus 2024 is going to be the first full year for the park’s first new roller coaster since Cannibal opened nearly nine years ago. Primordial, Lagoon’s newest coaster, had been a shrouded mystery since rumors of its construction hit the internet in 2017. The interactive ride opened just in time for Frightmares in September 2023. 

Facebook/Lagoon Amusement Park
Facebook/Lagoon Amusement Park

Since the coaster opened after the school year was well underway across the Gem State, there were many families that just couldn’t find the time to make it to the park to give it a try in its debut year. Luckily, some of America’s biggest coaster enthusiasts DID find time to find their way to the park and capture this video of what the ride was like. 

It looks INCREDIBLE, right?! Barring any weather or mechanical issues, Primordial will be up and running when the park opens for the season on March 23, if you’re making the trip to kick off or wrap up Spring Break (depending on which Idaho school district your kids go to.) 

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Lagoon isn’t just a popular destination for families in Utah and those within driving distance in Idaho. It’s also been a popular destination for filmmakers looking for an amusement park to put in their movies. A handful of movies (and TV shows) have used Lagoon as a backdrop for their movies!

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