Just got off the phone with David Workman from the Idaho Lottery and found out a few things just in case you have a group win the Powerball drawing.

If your group should win, everyone in the group will have to fill out paperwork together. So let's say you  have about 900, like we do, we will have to get everyone together at the same place, same time, and sign the paperwork.  Now, for about 2 million each in our case, I can't imaging anyone not showing up, but we would probably have to rent out a ballroom to do it. How cool would that be, PARTEEEEEEE.

You have to be 18 or older to play and especially to win. Those who have won thousands or millions of dollars in the Lottery know that 25 percent federal tax withholding and 7.4 percent Idaho state tax withholding is taken out of winnings. If $600 or more is won on a single wager, the Lottery is required to report those winnings to the IRS.

Aside from that, if you can play legally, you can be a part of a pool. In the case of our pool, we will find a date and time when everyone can get together and claim the money. Make sure if you got in Kevin and Brenda's Free Powerball Pool, you followed all the directions.  If you didn't you won't be a part of the pool, we have rules too.

Hopefully you don't have any "Divas," you know the ones that think their farts don't stink. Yeah, I thought so.

Now GOOOOODDDDD LLLUUUCCCKKK, I want an Idaho winner if nothing else.

Kevin Mee