The Three Rules For Hotels
I took my son to Portland this weekend (a gift I had given him for Christmas) to see the Trailblazers play.  We had a great hotel and it made me realize I have 3 rules for hotels.
It's Illegal and We Do It
This morning we got word of two cars being stolen after their owners left them running to warm them up.  Come to find out, it's illegal.  I didn't know that until a listener alerted me to it.  Here is the link to the statute. Here's the way it reads: TITLE 49 MOTOR VEHICLES CHAPTER 6 RULES OF THE ROAD 49-602...
If Your Office Pool Wins
Just got off the phone with David Workman from the Idaho Lottery and found out a few things just in case you have a group win the Powerball drawing.
Did you take your dog to work today?
This morning Boomer held this dejected pose for about three minutes before I took this picture.  He was extremely disgruntled because of a couple of things.  He had just been told he would not be participating in "Take Your Dog to Work Day," which apparently he'd been looking forward to attending...
Time to Float
The floating season on the Boise River has started. Here are the rules you need to know.  If grandma will get all mad because of what you're doing, then don't do it.  No alcohol, drugs, no cleaning the kitchen at all.  Children age 14 and under are required by state law to wear a personal flotation device...

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