I took my son to Portland this weekend (a gift I had given him for Christmas) to see the Trailblazers play.  We had a great hotel and it made me realize I have 3 rules for hotels. 

I've done a fair share of traveling over the last few years and I've stayed in some great hotels, and some not so great ones too.  Some have had incredible views, some have been highly-rated but very disappointing in the end, and some were ones that didn't have the best attributes, but became favorites.

For me, there are three rules for a good hotel, and truly, these are the only three things that REALLY matter.  Yes, the view, the wifi, the restaurants, the location all can end up making it better, but I've realized those are not crucial.

The three things that are absolutely necessary are:

1.  Good water pressure in the shower (and a nozzle that is mounted higher than my face).

2.  A shower that drains immediately and doesn't back up in the tub.

3.  Clean linens linens that (at least for that moment in time) fool me into thinking I'm the first to experience them.

If those three things are as they should be, that's a place I can be comfortable and will likely come back to.  Add in a killer view or some of those things mentioned above, and you've got a total winner.

I'm curious though, would you add anything to my list of three (or do you feel any of those aren't as important)?