Cute Or Creepy: Face Swap
I took my son on a trip to Portland this weekend, and as we were on the plane, three different people told us "you guys look so alike."  So, we decided to do a little test.
The Three Rules For Hotels
I took my son to Portland this weekend (a gift I had given him for Christmas) to see the Trailblazers play.  We had a great hotel and it made me realize I have 3 rules for hotels.
Snow On The Mountains
Jeff Connell
There's been a lot of talk about Christmas this week - red coffee cups, Black Friday deals, and driving in this morning, beautiful snow on in the mountains.
This is my second holiday season in the Treasure Valley and I love how much this area "feels" like the holida…
Am I Crazy?
I realize this is the second time in a week I'm asking "Am I wrong...", but I had some hamburger I needed to cook and I got home late, so I grilled at 8:30pm.  By flashlight.