Is it just me or are you noticing a lot more bird poop this year?  Not only does there seem to be more, but it seems to be more intense and in more places.  Am I alone? 

It's been all over my front walkway, on windows, the side of my house, my back patio, and most recently, my garage door.  I'm not sure how these birds have managed to hover mid air and tilt in a way that allows them to completely blanket my patio set and garage door, but they seem to have mastered that.

Look at this example of my garage door.

IMG_8870 3

Not only is like they managed to levitate and fire away, but can we discuss if it's a pterodactyl, perhaps a condor, or maybe a bald eagle who can provide this much...material?

I'm tired of spraying down my driveway just to play basketball with my son, or having to wash off my patio furniture every day.

It is just me, or is our Treasure Valley poop problem a bit more prevalent this year?

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