5 Times Animals Made Crazy History in Idaho
I love animals but am also cautiously respectful because lets face it, they can be downright scary at times and cause all kinds of trouble for humans. Beavers, Lions, Tigers, Bees, Mountain Lions and snakes have all made national headlines over the years because of what happened here in Idaho.
Have You Heard These 3 Scary Idaho Urban Legends?
I'm a sucker for a good scary story. I watch all of the paranormal shows on cable. I'll even be at the opening of Spiral at the Cinemark Majestic on Thursday night. The scariest stories are the ones that are real, or at least you could picture in your head because you live so close...
Texas Roadhouse Upping Menu Prices
So many restaurants, both chains and small local eateries had substantial financial trouble from the pandemic. A ton of local Boise and Treasure Valley favorites were forced to shut their doors forever. While it was a very sad time for many restaurants, some still were able to thrive against all odd…

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