2020 in Idaho will go down in history as being very unique. Earthquakes, lockdowns, pandemics, masks, murder hornets. I wonder what our grandkids will think when we tell them the stories? What I do know is that this is the perfect year to do a Halloween costume that reflects the year it's been. Here are some ideas for your 2020 Halloween costume in Boise.

Meridian Mom
Perhaps the scariest on the list, this costume is really about an attitude. Conservatively dressed and very high-strung. Some might even go so far as to call this costume "The Karen," but I'll stick with "Meridian Mom." When wearing this costume, you will allow your children to run wild but will be angry with anyone who feels that her little monsters are little monsters. You will need to make sure that every rule is followed, even though those rules don't apply to you. You'll definitely be calling to speak with my manager about how offended you are about this being a Halloween costume idea in the first place.

Zoom or Microsoft Teams Calls
This year, we were forced to communicate in new ways. This costume celebrates the awkward Zoom call that you no doubt had at some point during the year. To pull this off, screenshot your next Zoom call and print it out on a giant poster board. You'll cut out the middle, poke your head through to be the middle participant.

Murder Hornet
The murder hornet never officially made its way into Idaho, but it was close. It's entirely possible that one made it from Washington into Idaho to become your costume. All you have to do to pull this off is dress up in a bee costume and say you're a murder hornet. Cost-effective and timely.

Governor Brad Little and his Sign Language Translator
This year, we saw the Governor of Idaho on TV more than the previous five years combined. While he was talking, we were all distracted by his sign language interpreter's energy and excitement. One person dresses in a suit, and someone else learns how to sign "Trick or Treat!"

The March Earthquake
It had been 30 years since Boise had experienced anything like the earthquake earlier this year. Now, they seem to happen more frequently, just adding to what has been such a strange year. To celebrate the 2020 Earthquakes, dress up as a globe, and have someone else shake you!

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