Halloween Costumes Every Boise Dog Owner Should Consider
We are two weeks away from many people's favorite holiday, Halloween. Spooky season is everyone's chance to be someone else. That means becoming the person you want to be or showing your co-workers the person you are behind closed doors! This article has nothing to do with your Halloween c…
Five Halloween Costumes That Would Only Make Sense In Idaho In 20
2020 in Idaho will go down in history as being very unique. Earthquakes, lockdowns, pandemics, masks, murder hornets. I wonder what our grandkids will think when we tell them the stories? What I do know is that this is the perfect year to do a Halloween costume that reflects the year it's been.…
Top Halloween Costumes
In 2016, the most popular costume in the state of Idaho was one from a movie that took the pop culture world by storm. 2017's most popular costumes follow in its footsteps.
Halloween May Mess Up Idaho’s Plans to Control Head Lice
Idaho health websites are full of advice on how to control the spread of those blood-sucking critters known as head lice, and so far it hasn't been an awful year for head lice cases. But here comes Halloween!

There's a huge spike in head lice cases this time of year, and wigs and masks m…
Why Do We Dress Up For Halloween Anyway?
We carry around a secret inner desire to be Flo from Progressive all year long, and finally at Halloween we let her out!  Is that it?
The kids might have questions about Halloween, so I did some research to prep us.
Halloween Haunts My Pets
Dogs are so cool for tolerating our holidays.  The 4th of July is noisy and hurts their ears, and when Halloween rolls around they have to wear uncomfortable outfits and take humiliating pictures for our social media pages.
Halloween is the worst day of the year for my dogs.
Trick-Or-Treat With The Governor
107.9's Jeff Connell joined Governor Butch Otter, Laurie Otter, and Darth Vader this Halloween afternoon for a Trick or Treat bash! The 1st couple of Idaho posed for photos with trick-or-treaters on the Capitol steps.
Scooby Doo and the gang joined in on the fun, along with a T-Rex, He…

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