We've barely digested the pumpkin spice, and now they want us to think about Christmas shopping?  Really.  But getting a jump now will help ensure the hottest gifts won't sell out on you.  

There are two big reasons to shop early this holiday season and be happy about it.

1.  Hard-to-find items can be found easily when you shop early.

2.  Delivery drivers will have a lighter load in December if the gifts arrive now.

Delivery drivers can credit the December rush with helping build some really nice quads and calves from all the running they do sliding packages onto doorsteps, but they also get stressed and overwhelmed because of the downpour of packages they have to sift through. Ordering early can help lighten their load. 

Or, perhaps we'll just order more packages in December, who knows.  Even those who say they're finished Christmas shopping now will probably be impulse-buying their way through December because who can avoid Black Friday and holiday temptations really.

Shopping early can save some hassle later, and if we do some research now about what the hottest gifts will be, we can hop on those things before they're sold out.  Spy.com said these things will be among the hottest gifts for Christmas 2021:

Wireless Earbuds

Plush robes

Hypervolt Massage Guns

Portable Powerbank Chargers

Grooming Sets

Single-Serve Coffee Makers

Technology is always a hot buy and this holiday season will be no exception.  And we can always use more cozy.  But Boise might skip out on the grooming sets.

When it comes to toys, Good Housekeeping predicts these will be big sellers:

PAW Patrol Movie toys

L.O.L Surprise Playsets

Push Poppers

Using last year's guide from KTVB the US Postal Service will need packages to be shipped by around December 15th, and Fed-Ex and UPS will likely be around the same time to avoid 2-day shipping rates.

We still have plenty of time before the shipping rush hits, but it's never too early to start planning, especially since you're about to win up to $10k with our big giveaway.  Good things are coming!

Now back to the pumpkin spice.

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