The 8 Best Places for Back-to-School Shopping in Boise
It might as well be Christmas! Back-to-school is one of the most expensive times of the year for parents, with an average spend of $849 per child. Boise Townsquare Mall is offering freebies, and other Boise stores have good deals too to give us an assist.
You Can Buy These Strange Items on Boise's Craigslist
The Boise CraigsList is always a treasure trove of bizarre stuff. It's unclear where these things came from or why anyone would hold onto these things. Often, I'm amazed to find out that these items were actually sold to someone on CraigsList, but as they say, "One man's tras…
Bigfoot-like Camouflage & Other Boise CraigsList Finds
CraigsList is always a fun place to look for bargains. It always surprises me to see some of the things that are being sold or trying to be sold. So many things that should probably just be thrown away are purchased by people every day. Here are some interesting items that I found while checking out…

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