Technology continues to evolve rapidly and we're seeing it everywhere: artificial intelligence, facial recognition, cell phones, etc. Even the way we shop is evolving... or devolving, depending on how you look at it.

Is technology advancement becoming a bad thing?

Do you remember when people had landlines and answering machines? You had to wait by the phone for a phone call or you would be in the kitchen when the phone would randomly ring.

Everyone in the family would gather around and throw their guesses in as to whose calling. If someone the family didn't know about was calling, like a crush or something, you'd have to spill the beans. There was a sense of connection.

That excitement and wonder are essentially gone today, shoot - people don't even call each other anymore, it's all about texting!

Now, another major change is coming to a store many of us grew up going to: Target.

Goodbye to a "classic" form of payment

Target reportedly told USA TODAY that they will no longer allow personal checks as a form of payment starting July 15th. Target told USA Today in a statement:

Target is committed to creating an easy and convenient checkout experience, and that includes providing our guests with numerous ways to pay, including our new Target Circle Cards (formerly known as Target RedCard); cash; digital wallets; SNAP/EBT; buy now, pay later services; and credit and debit cards.

It sounds like people are using checks less and some research went into this decision. We can see why checks are becoming obsolete and it's probably a safe bet that many young shoppers are unfamiliar with how to write a check.

What do you think of this change going into effect? Do you still write checks when you're out shopping? Do you think we're getting close to becoming a "cashless society"?

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