Do Treasure Valley Grocery Stores Waste too Much Food?
Ever wondered what grocery stores do with all of the produce and bakery items they don't sell? Sometimes it's donated or recycled, and sometimes it just plain goes to waste. Treasure Valley stores were graded on accountability, prevention, and recycling, and none of them got an A.
Groceries in Boise are About to Get Cheaper
If your grocery bill is at least a hundred bucks every time you go to the store, soon you might be able to a whole lot more stuff with it. Two big grocery retailers in the Treasure Valley are slashing prices and that means good things for our tortilla chip and granola addictions.
Who Is #AlexfromTarget And Why Is Ellen Interviewing Him?
He went from being Alex who works at Target to being the heartthrob Target Team Member whose photo went viral after a lust-crazed teen noticed how hot Alex was and snuck a shot of him while he bagged her items. Alex is thoroughly confused by this new-found fame and attention. Ellen interviewed him a…