After March 1st, you'll no longer be able to sneak into Costco to eat that enormous slice of reasonably-priced pizza if you're not a member.  Costco is going to start enforcing a ban at the food court.  

My girls and I go to Costco a lot, and they don't enjoy the shopping part quite as much as I do.  But they love the free samples.  They'll usually graze their way through the store nibbling on tiny bowls of noodles and sausage bites on a toothpick, and at the end of the shopping trip, they're rewarded with pizza and yogurt parfaits at the food court.  It's cheap and good, and the kids love it.  I can never let the membership lapse, or I'll be in big trouble with them.  And I can't miss out on those huge jars of almond butter and 12-packs of apples either.  My kitchen is full of Costco merch.

Honestly, I don't know how a person can sneak into Costco without being a member.  The greeter has a clicker and doesn't let anyone in the doors without a membership card, but apparently, there is a steady stream of outsiders that try to get in just for the $1.50 hot dogs and Chicken Bakes at the food court.  That's about to change.

Starting in March, Costco will start enforcing a ban at the food court.  Buying items from the food court has always required a membership, but they just haven't enforced it until now.

It costs about $60 a year for basic membership, and more for an executive membership with perks, and next month everyone that wants the food court deals will have to have one.  You'll have to flash your membership card at the food court in order to make a purchase.

Would you buy a Costco membership just to go to the food court?  You'll be able to stock up on more toilet paper, dish soap, and granola than you could ever imagine too.

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