I'm going to throw some stats at you before we get to the best numbers to play this Wednesday.

75% of the Poweball winners use the "16" Quick Pick method, but 97% of the people who play use the Quick Pick. That means 3% of the people who play, win 25% of the time. So that means the people who use the quick pick method win roughly .7% of the time compared to 8.3% for the people who "21" pick their own numbers.

Now I know there are those of you who went to the bottom to find the winning numbers and never read this at all. I understand, I'm busy too, "29" but I spent too much time figuring it out and for what I think will be almost two billion dollars by Wednesday, I expect a little work. So you will see random numbers throughout the blog, the first five are the white ball numbers. the last one is the Powerball number.

I came to these numbers by spending four "55" hours going over the Powerball spreadsheet. For the white numbers I could only get a small sampling and go back to October 10th. But for the Powerball number "65" I went back and looked at numbers from the first of the year on. The numbers are ones that won more than others.  There is a big difference between the numbers for some reason. So I went with the numbers that showed up more than the others. So here is your Powerball number "17" and good luck.

By the way, I don't guarantee the numbers, but will be playing that combination too.

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Kevin Mee