Today Is A Good Day For A Wedding
Happy anniversary to everyone who got married on 7-7-07! And there are still several good wedding dates left in 2020 for those who appreciate (okay, geek out about) numbers.
Winning Powerball Numbers
I'm going to throw some stats at you before we get to the best numbers to play this Wednesday.
75% of the Poweball winners use the "16" Quick Pick method, but 97% of the people who play use the Quick Pick. That means 3% of the people who play, win 25% of the time...
This Is What A Scam Looks Like
I got this in my email and wanted to share it with you.  It looks legit and face it if you need money it can be really enticing.  Now here is the but part, it's a complete scam to not only get money from you but also your information.
If you get something in an email or a phone call th…