Geese are pretty rampant around Boise, but why do they continue to gravitate to BSU's field? We have thoughts...

Don't believe it's a real thing? People have been documenting geese landing on the blue on social media for a hot minute:

So, why are these poop-machines constantly being a nuisance on the Bronco's home field? No one knows for sure, but our crack team of scientists have a few solid theories:


Radio Waves


Think about how many radios and phones and headsets are pumping out signals during a BSU home game. Could it be that these signals are interpreted by geese as "Hey, you! Come land here!"?



North Pole Magnetic Pull


You know how a compass works, right? It points toward true north. What if that same invisible field is leading these stupid birds to Boise State's turf?





This has to be it. If aliens are talking to anybody, it's geese. Why do you think they always poop on the sidewalk and in front of buildings? Because the a-hole aliens are telling them to. This is definitely the answer. Probably.