5 Times Animals Made Crazy History in Idaho
I love animals but am also cautiously respectful because lets face it, they can be downright scary at times and cause all kinds of trouble for humans. Beavers, Lions, Tigers, Bees, Mountain Lions and snakes have all made national headlines over the years because of what happened here in Idaho.
RIP: Zoo Boise's Obadiah
Sad news from Zoo Boise today as they announced the passing of their 19-year-old lion, Obadiah. Obadiah's health had taken a turn for the worse over the past week. After treatment from the staff at Zoo Boise, the veterinarian staff made the decision to euthanize her...
Four Hard To Believe Wildlife Sightings In Boise
One of the things that we love about Idaho is the wildlife. It's hard to feel disconnected from nature, even when you're in the heart of the city in Boise. With the greenbelt, the foothills, and all of the great places to hike, it won't take long for you to have an encounter with wild…
Best Boise Greenbelt Stops in Downtown
The entire belt stretches for 25 miles. I have yet to get all of those miles visited but hope to get all sections covered this summer. Here are some of the best stops along the way that I have found so far. These are all within a 5 mile radius of the greenbelt right in downtown.
Zoo Boise Re-Opens Animal Experiences
We see the Treasure Valley look more and more like it did before the pandemic with each passing day. Traffic patterns have returned to normal, and more people are working from their offices again. One of the things that Boise area families enjoyed before the pandemic was a trip to Zoo Boise...

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