There are a lot of places to do your Christmas shopping in the Treasure Valley. We have the newly invigorated Karcher Mall, Boise Towne Square, and the outdoor Village at Meridian, to name a few. There is one Boise shopping place that I prefer over all others: Craigslist.

I have found many things on Boise's Craigslist over the years. With Craigslist's help, I purchased a Playstation behind the Maverick on Overland, brought home a folding couch from the back of the Nampa Walmart parking lot, and even found a roommate.

I have never purchased Christmas items on Craigslist, and from what I found today, I won't anytime soon. These items that I found today are some of the worst holiday items I've ever seen. Why were these things ever purchased the first time?

You have to think that the owner is just trying to cut their losses for some of these things. However, some look like they're trying to make a buck! These are not things you will be able to profit from because no one wants these things, and if they do, Craigslist is not where they're going to buy them. Remember, I'm saying this as an avid Craigslist customer!

Here are some of the worst Christmas-themed items for sale on Boise's Craiglist right now.  Hurry, these will still be there in two weeks.

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