Okay, truly it didn't effect traffic that much but it was a lot of fun to see a massive herd of sheep taking up a major road in Eagle!

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Meridian Parks and Recreation shared this gem. Tuesday morning on Highway 55 near Beacon Light Road, about 1700 sheep hit the street in transit. The official post said, "Oh, boy! And you thought Meridian's rush hour traffic was baaaaad!! This herd of approximately 1,700 sheep pranced down Highway 55 near Beacon Light Road in Eagle earlier this morning. We have the Eagle Police Department to thank for this nifty photo taken by drone. (Feel free to drop your best sheep puns in the comments.) #AreEweKiddingMe #ThisPhotoIsWoolyGreat".

First off, thanks to the Eagle Police Department for making this picture available. Second, how impressive that they can get this sheep on the move together like this and still leave some room in the shoulder of the road just in case some confused driver rolled up needing to get by these bad boys on their morning commute. Also, how cool that someone thought to grab a drone camera to get this beautiful morning photo! I mean, without the sheep, this would have been a beautiful picture, but the nearly 1,700 sheep make it that much more amazing, and honestly, this is just so Idaho! To have a whole herd of sheep making their way down a major highway during the morning commute? Where else would you find such odd beauty? Not a baaaad way to start your day! Okay, I'll stop with the sheep jokes.

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