You may have seen them on your Instagram feed, or maybe you came across one while searching for Christmas decorations on Amazon: The Upside-Down Christmas Tree. 

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You can get them in various shapes and sizes, pre-lit or frosted, but what is the significance of the Christmas Tree when it’s turned upside down?  I’ve seen this trend catch on in the last two to three years and at first, I thought this was disrespectful to the holiday or someway of celebrating Christmas without religion.  I was surprised to find out that this isn’t some new fad.  In fact, the upside-down Christmas Tree has been a thing since the middle ages.  A German monk was said to have used the upside-down tree to explain the Trinity.  That’s when it first caught on in Europe.  It went out of style many years later and the more traditional Christmas Tree, with the tip pointing to heaven, made its comeback.   




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The upside-down tree is far from sacrilegious, but today is being used by stores because by hanging the tree from the ceiling, they can create more retail space.  The upside-down tree also allows them to display more decorations at eye-level.  It’s also eye-catching.  Several celebrities have posted pictures of their upside-down trees on social media creating even more demand for the unique way to display your tree.

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If you want to purchase the tree displayed on this page from Amazon, click HERE.

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