Are Banks Open or Closed Today?
Since the 4th of July fell on a Sunday, the holiday will be extended through today for some businesses but not all of them. Mondays are usually a little fuzzy, but this time at least there's a good reason for it.
Don’t Miss Zoo Boise’s HOWLiday PAWlooza
Zoo Boise is making up for a year of missed fun in one spectacular day. Howliday Pawlooza is a full day of packed holiday fun. By holiday I mean just about every major holiday all rolled into one amazing eventful day. The zoo will be decorated with holiday themed areas. Christmas with Santa, Easter …
The Top Five Chinese Restaurants in Boise According to Yelp!
I was in the mood for something other than my typical Chicken Wings, Hamburger, Pizza, Taco fare, so I decided to try the Chinese restaurant down the street from my house.  I probably should have checked the reviews first, because I was disappointed in every aspect of my meal...

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