Zillow surfing luxury homes that we can never, ever afford is one of our favorite past times. You know what makes those luxury homes even more spectacular than their floor plan? The stories behind them! 

We're writing this story just hours before the draw for a $1.1 BILLION lottery jackpot. If you bought a ticket for that drawing, these absolutely stunning homes just went from "only in my dreams" to a "dream come true!"

In late December, Idaho had a new listing take over title of the "Most Expensive Home for Sale in Idaho." After a little digging through public records, it turns out it belonged to a casino mogul that we had no idea owned property in Idaho. Which one? You'll have to keep scrolling to find out.

Sue Engelmann/Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Sun Valley Properties
Sue Engelmann/Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Sun Valley Properties

As cool as the story behind Idaho's most expensive home is, it's nowhere near as fascinating as some of the most expensive properties in its neighboring states. We dove into the public records for the most expensive homes for sale in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and Montana and uncovered some very unique stories.

One has very close ties to Walt Disney. Another is located on its own private island. There's even one that looks like the interior designer had a real fetish for Cabela's. We pulled a few of our favorite photos from each listing, but if a house catches your fancy you can click the link beneath the photo to access the full listings to see more!

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