Another round of cold weather makes us miss the sunshine and the heat. As much as we love the Gem State, long stretches of cold, cloudy weather make us think about getting on a plane to head somewhere warm, with sand under our feet and water all around us. Who doesn't love a vacation? The only problem is the cost. By the time you find a place to stay and pay for the food, drinks, flights, experiences, and ground transportation, your relaxing time away costs a stressful amount of money. The average vacation to Florida costs over $2,700 per couple. Hawaii costs over $3,200 for two people.

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If only there were a way to install a beach in your Idaho home. Then you wouldn't ever have to leave and deal with airport security, expensive Uber trips, and ridiculous resort fees. Believe it or not, you can find beachfront property in Idaho. And when you consider what you're getting and how much housing costs in the Treasure Valley, it almost feels like a bargain!

Vimeo/Live Water Properties
Vimeo/Live Water Properties

Granted, you'd still be in Idaho, so it wouldn't always be warm, but can you imagine how amazing summers would be? You'll have your very own white sand beach and you'll be able to profit from it.  This particular property is already set up as a resort, complete with three guest cabins, a commercial kitchen, and a dining area, and it even has a gift shop. As far as accessibility, well, it's remote. The only way on or off the property is by boat, snowmobile, or airplane. Yes, it has a working airstrip, which is how you'd get your mail, just once per week.

This ranch's wildlife differs from your typical Caribbean or Florida resorts. You won't see many scantily-clad tourists as you see in Miami. The wildlife you encounter here are bears, moose, elk, and more.

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