According to, the national median home price for August 2023 was $435,000. It’s down a smidge from July’s price of $440,000 but up .7% from the same time a year ago. That number is painful to look at. It gets more painful if you’re trying to find a home in Idaho for that price!

Idaho Business Review reports that the median price of a home in Idaho is $462,800. That’s 2.2% lower than the same time last year, but still more than $20,000 over the national average. Living in Boise, you may have predicted that number would be even higher and your gut feeling is spot on. Based on the over 1,000 homes that currently has listed for Boise, the median listing price is $575,000. That’s up nearly 5% from a year ago. And thanks to higher mortgage rates, the monthly mortgage payment for a typical home rose by more than $1,200 from a year ago.

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It may make you feel like your dreams of homeownership are out of reach for the foreseeable future, but what if we told you that right now neither Ada or Canyon County ranked in Idaho’s Top 10 counties with the highest prices? 

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Believe it or not, there are places in the state where it’s worse than the Treasure Valley! Based on the current inventory of Idaho homes for sale on, these are the counties with the highest home prices. 

Author’s Note: These numbers represent the current inventory of homes on the market in Idaho on September 26, 2023. 


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