Sure, this home is a little bit quirky but there’s got to be a buyer with a matching personality out there somewhere, right?

That search has been going on for a LONG time. We first stumbled upon this Cole Road home when we were putting together a list of the most expensive homes on the market in Boise in 2021. We were immediately curious about the home because it had an asking price of $1,500,000 but from the outside looking in? It looked very, very different from the other luxury homes on the list.

Erich Hamm Real Estate/Keller Williams Realty
Erich Hamm Real Estate/Keller Williams Realty

A quick peek inside showed us the interior was quite different, too! Instead of modern furniture and monochromatic paint, this home was full of retro vibes straight out of the Brady Bunch or the early episodes of WandaVision. We’re talking lighting fixtures, flooring, and furniture…it was like taking a step back into 1975 when the home was built. 

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While we know that this home could use some updating, we fell in love with it. Unfortunately, someone that actually could afford it hasn’t. The sellers took the home off the market and then relisted it at $998,000 about six months later. Still too rich for most people’s blood. 

That listing eventually came down in July 2022, but we just noticed that the home is back on the market for half of what they tried to get for it two years ago! While we still can’t afford it at this asking price, we’re wondering if will turn some heads now because if it’s in good condition that seems like a hell of a deal for a home with a spectacular, hidden indoor pool like this! 

Take a look around. Maybe this could be YOUR next home? (And if it is…can we come over to swim?!)

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You can barely see this incredible home from Cole Road and it has something that any buyer would be envious of hiding inside! The tour through this retro property is well worth seeing the pool!

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The house in question is located at 2679 W Palouse Street and will set you back a cool $650,000. At 3,613 square feet, it's actually a better value per square foot than the cheapest and much smaller home on the market in Boise. It was built in 1949, but very much feels like it's stuck the '70s.

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