You’re not exactly sure how it started. You just know that at some point during the peak of the pandemic, you developed a Zillow surfing habit that you haven’t been able to shake. 

Whenever you need a distraction at work or from cleaning your house or from watching your child’s sports practice, you find yourself pulling up photos of properties you could never afford or ones that look so strange from the outside that you’re just dying to know what they look like inside. We’re not judging you. We ARE you. 

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And that’s how we stumbled across this quirky little cabin in the middle of the woods in Saint Maries. When you’re scrolling through newly listed properties, it really sticks from the dozens of newly constructed homes that look like they’d be perfectly situated on a Monopoly board. Its unorthodox appearance is what convinced us to click on the listing and we’re sure glad that we did.

Daniel Preston/Professional Realty Services Idaho
Daniel Preston/Professional Realty Services Idaho

Because of one particular bedroom, we could picture this home finding its way to the popular Zillow Gone Wild Facebook account. The page is known for finding homes with strange features!  Take a look through the photos and you’ll see EXACTLY which room we’re talking about.

Someone DID fall in love with this home quickly. It was only on the market for six days before it had a pending offer! The asking price was reasonable and it came fully furnished. (Although, the furniture may not be your style.)

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