107.9 LITE-FM isn't just your home for the best variety of the 80s, 90s and today, we're also the station giving you an extra bonus while you're on the job! 

Jennifer and Aly each won $1,000 from LITE-FM as they tied a big bow on the end of 2017.  Aly was putting her winnings toward their family trip to Hawaii.  Jennifer was using hers to help finish putting in handicap ramps for her parents at their new house.

This time around, with the kind of money you could win in our Mega Millions/Powerball LITE-FM office pool you could probably buy a couple of houses, a yacht, new cars...etc.

Here's How it Works

Download the new 107.9 LITE-FM app HERE and make sure you have the alerts turned on.  While you're on the job this Thursday and Friday, we'll send out two APPsclusive alerts a day telling you when it's time to call and get into the pool! If you're the right caller, you instantly get into the office pool.

At the end of the workday on Friday afternoon, Michelle Heart will go to the luckiest Idaho Lottery location in the entire state of Idaho and buy five tickets for the Mega Millions drawing on Friday night and five tickets for the Powerball drawing on Saturday night. If the numbers hit the jackpot, we'll evenly split the money between Michelle and the four LITE-FM app users in the office pool.

She'll scan the tickets and post them here at liteonline.com so you can play along.

The Mega Millions Jackpot for Friday night is $418 million, with a cash pay out of $261 million. If we hit in that jackpot, each person in the LITE-FM Office Pool would win approximately $52 million.

There were no winners in Wednesday night's Powerball drawing, so Saturday's jackpot is $550 million, with a cash payout of just under $348 million.  If we hit in the Powerball, each of us would take home approximately $67 million.

Sound like a great deal to you? Then click HERE, download the app and get ready to fight through the phone lines to get into our office pool!

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