What are the three essentials you grab before you head out the door every morning? Probably your keys, purse and phone.  Now you can add your favorite at work radio station to that list!

You won't even have to remember a fourth essential to grab. Thanks to our friends at Kvell Fitness & Nutrition, 107.9 LITE FM has a brand new mobile app that puts myself, Jen Austin, Delilah, John Tesh and Jeff Connell right at your finger tips! The app is FREE and has some very cool features!

Listen Live


Maybe you're one of the folks that listens to us in the office, but the reception in your building isn't stellar.  When you download the app you can listen to us on your phone just by clicking "listen live."  It's the crystal clear, static free way to enjoy the Best Variety of the 80s, 90s and Today! And if you've got a newer vehicle with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, you can stream us wirelessly through your car if you leave the Treasure Valley!

You Choose the Music

Rate Music

Our goal at 107.9 LITE FM is to bring you fun music for your workday and beyond, but sometimes there's a song you're just not a fan of.  (We know LITE listener, Diane, loves the station but is over Tom Petty's "Free Fallin.'")  We want to know what you think, so while you're listening on the app, make sure you take a minute to give the songs you love a "thumbs up" and the songs you're kind of tired of a "thumbs down" to help us build the best soundtrack for you day that we possibly can!

Easier to Win


When you're trying to find your daughter's shoe before she misses the bus or trying to get a report done for your boss before he goes nuclear, you may not always be paying attention to what we're saying on the radio.  If you're distracted, you might miss winning concert tickets, awesome Treasure Valley staycation experiences or free date nights. With the new 107.9 LITE FM app, you'll be able to turn on alerts where we can send you a message that it's time to call and win some "app-tastic" prizes ! We've got some big plans for how you can win through the app's alerts, so make sure you go into the settings and swipe right on all of them! (There's also do not disturb settings you can turn on so we don't wake you up early or interrupt family time on the weekend.)

Call Directly from the App

Call Us

You want concert tickets, but haven't mastered that whole 10-digit dialing thing yet?  In the app, you can call us from the home screen.  We added the area code for you so that you don't have to remember to dial 208 before the rest of our phone number!

Send Us Your Pics and Videos

Photo Video

Say you were at the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic and got a great photo of your kiddo and the pilot of the balloon they took a ride in.  You want to show it off and share it with us.  With the app, it's easy to send it to us! Just use the "submit photo or video" feature to send it to the team at LITE FM to check out.  We love seeing and sharing pictures of how you and your families are enjoying the Treasure Valley, so send us as many as you'd like!

Those are just a few features in the new app.  You can watch videos, check the weather and more.  Download it and explore this weekend.

Download the App Now

Download the 107.9 LITE FM app: iOS | Android

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