Read Four Simple Phrases to Win Adam Sandler Tickets

You hear our voices on the radio all of the time, but we want to make you the star. Keep reading to find out how you can score a pair of tickets to see the legendary comedian by simply getting your voice on the radio!

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Our station is all about making you feel good! Adam Sandler's shows are hilarious and after laughing all night, you know you're going to head home feeling happier than you did when you walked into the arena. Plus, you know he's going to give you more than just jokes. In classic Adam Sandler fashion, he'll break out a guitar and sing some ridiculous songs too. Want to be there to see it all?

Get on the Radio, Get Tickets!

We want to feature your voice saying our station name in between songs. Simply follow the steps below to be entered to win free tickets to Adam Sandler's show on Sunday, October 15!

Step 1

Download the 107.9 LITE-FM App. You’ll need our free app to submit audio and be entered to win.

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Get our free mobile app

Step 2

  • Click the “Open Mic” button on the home screen of the app.
  • If prompted to “Create Account” follow the steps and make sure you completely fill out all of your information so we can contact you if you win.
  • Type the words “Adam Sandler” in the Comments Box.

Step 3

Push record and read the following lines. Smile big while you're recording yourself and make sure you sound excited if you want to win the tickets! If it takes you more than 30 seconds to read all four lines, you can submit multiple files.

  • Hey! It’s (your name) from (your place of employment's name) and you’re listening to one oh seven point nine LITE-FM, Boise’s feel-good, at work station! 
  • It’s (your name) from (town you live in) and I listen to one oh seven point nine LITE-FM because it makes me feel good! 
  • Hey! It's (your name) from (town you live in) and you're listening to one- oh seven point nine LITE-FM, Boise's Official Christmas Music Station! 
  • Tell us your favorite "Dad Joke." (Don't read that, just tell the joke!)

If you're feeling nervous, I recorded an example of what we're looking for that you can listen to before you do yours! Click play, below.

Step 4

Click “done” and “submit”  when you’re happy with what you recorded! If you get a message that says "Error. Unable to upload media!" uninstall and reinstall the app. You may have an outdated version.

BOOM! That’s it! Once you’ve submitted audio, your name will be entered to win Adam Sandler tickets! Winners will be selected randomly and notified via email.

By submitting your audio, you agree to let Townsquare Media use your voice on the radio. All submissions could be used on-air and online. The contest ends Thursday, October 12 at 11:59 p.m. 

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