Right now, choosing out to burn your PTO is a tough decision. Are you ready to travel out of state or would you rather stay closer to home? If an Idaho staycation is in order, this Air BnB is just as glamourous as some resorts! 

Thanks to the pandemic, it was nearly impossible to achieve any level of work-life balance in 2020. According to CNBC, people who were blessed enough to continue their jobs saw their workdays drag on nearly an extra hour a day. That number held true for those who were physically in their offices or working from home.

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Not only were people working longer hours, they were giving up their chance to unplug. AAA calculated that 33% of American's paid time off went unused in 2020. I know I left almost two weeks of vacation time on the table. I'm terrible at using it to begin with, but had planned several long weekends for races or Comic Cons. With those events canceled, it seemed using PTO to sit at home was a total waste.

But hubby and I, like many of you are starting to feel burnt out by working longer hours and plan on taking a week's vacation later this month. We're in agreeance that we need to, but aren't totally in the same place when it comes to how we want to use it. His baseball loving heart would love to spend it in Arizona at Spring Training.

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I'm worried that when we get there, things could be more restricted than here in Idaho and outside of watching the games, there won't be many opportunities to do cool things. I'd almost rather staycation somewhere in the Gem State where I know what to expect.

If the staycation appeals to you, you may way want to consider this luxury Air BnB located right here in Boise! It's got some crazy cool amenities that make it just as appealing as a resort or five star hotel.

It might be a little pricy at $494 a night, but guests who've stayed there LOVE it! It had a perfect five star rating. Like what you see and want to look at even more photos? Just click HERE.

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