With as intense as social media has been, just about everyone could afford a digital detox for a few days. This scenic cabin and hot spring just an hour from Boise is the perfect place to unplug! 

Over the weekend, a Facebook friend shared some photos and videos of a Garden Valley Airbnb she and her husband stayed at to celebrate their anniversary. As soon as I saw the crystal clear hot spring pool with an infinity edge, I was sucked in. After a little sleuthing, I found the three bedroom, two bathroom "Mountain Modern Cabin" listing.

The pool itself hovers around 100-105º and provides a breathtaking view of the South Fork of the Payette River. It's flushed with new water from the hot spring source every eight hours. The pool isn't the only thing that the hosts use the hot spring for. It's also used to heat the floors inside the cabin.

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The cabin itself is fully furnished and stocked with everything your family needs to enjoy a close to home Idaho vacation. Reading through reviews, guests have been impressed that the hosts came up with so many thoughtful and unique touches to make their stay feel like they were visiting a friend's home.

Just be prepared to REALLY unplug if you're lucky enough the book a stay here. The hosts explain that cell coverage on their property isn't great. Depending on your carrier, you may be able to make calls or push text messages out. There's WiFi, but past guests say it's not strong enough to connect to something like a Zoom call.

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But let's be honest...once you take a look around this property, you're not going to want to be staring at a screen anyway! You're going to want to sit in the pool or on one of the patios for hours.

FYI, this property is so popular that it's extremely difficult to get a reservation here. Right now the calendar isn't showing any available dates for the rest of the year. On my friend's post about their stay there, she mentioned she booked her stay six months in advance. Another commenter mentioned speaking with the owners and they only open up booking for set increments at a time. So bookmark this link and check it often. If your timing is right, it certainly seems like you're in for a treat!

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