Located on 145 acres in Deary, Idaho this is a really cool way to step back in time and burn some of that PTO you have to use or lose! 

I don't know about you, but I'm struggling to find excuses to use some of my vacation time this summer. It's hard to get excited about traveling somewhere when there are a gazillion new restrictions you have to follow. They make vacation feel like more work than fun. At the same time, you don't want to burn vacation days to just sit at home. You did enough of that in March and April.

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This unique Airbnb in Northern Idaho seems like the perfect middle ground and worthy of checking out for it's history alone. For $200 a night, you can stay in a restored 1909 train car that's been converted into a two bedroom, two bath rental property! Prior to being renovated and set-up beneath a recreated train depot roof, the car spent 46 years running on the Washington Idaho and Montana Railway.

It's located on 145 acres, providing beautiful views of Idaho's night skies and a lot of distance from anyone else if that's what you're here for. You're also close to fishing, biking, biking and four-wheeling. The host, Edward, also recommends the nearby Pie Safe Bakery and Brush Creek Creamery for some amazing food.

Spend the entire trip, unplugging and relaxing...or if you can't avoid doing some work while you're away, you can connect to their Wi-Fi.

By the way, the property is located in Latah County where they've only experienced 105 cases of COVID-19.

Image via Airbnb

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