Asking for a job promotion can always be a sticky and extremely nerve-wracking situation.

However, if you’ve been at a job long enough and you believe you have proven your worth, it is something that will eventually have to be navigated.


Especially in Idaho’s current economy, which is disgustingly unaffordable right now, if you’re not making enough money at your job, the alternative options are either:

  1. Secure a raise
  1. Get a second (or third) job
  1. Quit altogether for an entirely different job


Why aren’t you getting a raise?

However, sometimes getting a raise at your job isn’t as easy as it sounds. 

Perhaps you have been working at a place long enough, and proven you’re capable and deserving of a raise, but you still aren’t getting one.

Why is that?


It could be as simple as the necessity for direct and open communication with your boss, as you outright ask for one.

Or perhaps there are other reasons behind why you aren’t getting an increase in wages?

Listed below are the top 5 reasons why Idaho employers stated their employees might not be getting one, even if it is deserved.

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