When it comes to being a foodie in Idaho, there are a lot of different places that should be on your bucket list: the most fun restaurant, the best Italian restaurant, the restaurant with the craziest pizza and the only Idaho restaurants that made Yelp’s Top 100 list. There’s another category that should be on your list, if your budget can handle it. 

Facebook/Chandlers - Prime Steaks & Fine Seafood
Facebook/Chandlers - Prime Steaks & Fine Seafood

The category is “most expensive.” The team at Lovefood recently put together a list of the most expensive restaurants in each state and it shouldn’t surprise you that Idaho’s is located in  the heart of Downtown Boise. The restaurant they chose for Idaho has been in Boise since 1994 and is known for their selection of corn-fed Midwest beef, all-natural-grass beef and Northwest American Wagyu steaks. 

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Their seafood is flown in fresh from Alaska and Hawaii. Their bartenders serve up some killer martinis, including their famous Ten Minute Martini. Sound familiar? You’ve probably already guessed that it’s Chandlers. 

Located inside one of Boise’s best boutique hotels, Hotel 43, Chandlers has been one of the top rated restaurants in Boise for as long as we can remember. It’s also home to one of the most expensive steaks in America, no doubt helping it find a place on this list of the priciest restaurants in the country. 

The most expensive steak on the menu is the 10 oz American Wagyu Bulls Eye Ribeye, which will run you a base price of $110. The steaks are served with broiled tomato provencale, haricot verts, red pepper coulis, sauce bearnaise, cognac peppercorn sauce and fresh chimichurri, but if you want to dress them up even more you can pick one of their “over the top'' options. The most expensive one is “a la rossini'' which is foie gras, wild mushrooms and port reduction. That will cost you an extra $37 on top of the price of your steak. 

Chandlers - Prime Steaks & Fine Seafood
Facebook/Chandlers - Prime Steaks & Fine Seafood

There may be even more expensive items on the menu, depending on what “market price” for the dish happens to be that day. Quite a few of the seafood dishes like the crab cakes, Maine lobster tail and wild Mexican abalone steaks are listed as “mp.” So is the certified A5 Japanese Wagyu Filet mignon. According to Business Insider, Japanese Wagyu steaks are some of the rarest in the world. It's not uncommon for a pound of certified A5 grade Japanese Wagyu to sell for more than $200 a pound.

Planning to celebrate a special occasion at Chandlers and are curious how much the most expensive items on the menu cost? Here are the 15 most expensive items with an actual price listed on the menu. 

15 Most Expensive Foods at Idaho's Priciest Restaurant

According to Love Food, Chandlers in Downtown Boise is the most expensive restaurant in Boise. These are the 15 most expensive items on the menu. (Not including items listed as Market Price.)

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For this list, we checked the menus at some of Boise's top-rated steakhouses and fine dining establishments and picked the MOST expensive steak from each. If we didn't do it that way, this list would probably be dominated by Chandlers which six different steaks costing $70 or more on their regular menu! (We also didn't include steaks big enough for two.)

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