Many of you still have your Christmas trees up and fully decorated.  The City of the Boise's on the same page with you, but their tree looks a little different after a bizarre theft. 

It looks different the large star at the top is missing! According to KTVB, someone scaled the tree around 3 a.m. on New Year's Day, removed the star, made their way back down the tree and left the Grove Plaza with the tree.

A guest at the Grove Hotel saw the whole incident happen from his 13th floor window.  Darrin Walton tells the news channel that there was one person in the tree, screaming at someone else who was with them on the ground. He said the incident was so strange that he didn't think to call the police while it was happening.  After talking to his wife in the morning, he reported what he saw and shared his video from that evening.

The tree is supposed to be on the Grove Plaza until January 16, but remains without the 10 year old tree topper that's valued at $500. At this time, there are no suspects. If you happened to see something strange happening with the tree, you're encouraged to call the Boise Police.

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