While ordering dinner on Friday night, I saw a new restaurant on Uber Eats that had me scratching my head. I'd never heard of it before, but its address was in my neighborhood. What gives?

The restaurant's name was "Chicken Sammy's" specializing in, you guessed it, unique chicken sandwiches like the "Hangover Crispy Chicken Sammy" that loads a fried chicken breast with bacon, cheese, veggies and a fried egg. For those who like their chicken sandwich a little spicier, you could have a "Kickin' Sammy" that tops a grilled chicken breast with fried jalapenos, salsa, Pepper-Jack and chipotle.

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In addition to their sandwiches, they offer chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders and chicken wings. As a kid, the only thing I would eat at a restaurant was chicken tenders (I still love them.) As an adult, wings are basically a food group in my life. How could a restaurant dedicated to some of my favorite foods open in our neighborhood and me not know about it?!

Perplexed, I Googled the address and got my answer. 211 West Parkcenter doesn't come up as "Chicken Sammy's" on Google Maps. It comes up as Red Robin! According to an article on Restaurant Business, Chicken Sammy's is one of three virtual brands that Red Robin launched out of their existing kitchens back in March. I love Red Robin (and their bottomless fries) but I was bummed to find out what I though was a unique, new option in our neighborhood was really just a chain restaurant in disguise.

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Red Robin isn't the first chain restaurant in Boise to try this trickery. Last June, we told you about "Pasqually's Pizza & Wings" which was meant to be a slightly more upscale version of Chuck E. Cheese Pizza. It was prepared for delivery out of the Chuck E. Cheese on Fairview.

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