On Friday, USA Today published the list of 34 locations that won't survive the chain's Chapter 11 bankruptcy and COVID-19 Pandemic.

Look through my family photo albums and you'll find countless pictures of birthday parties spent at Chuck E. Cheese. It was one of my FAVORITE places in the world as a kid. It's where I developed my undying love of ski ball. Seriously, when Fatty's reopened as Karma and the 8th Street Social Club shortly before the coronavirus pandemic, I shrieked when I saw they'd added a ski ball machine. My friends knew it wasn't going to be easy to tear me away from it.

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I loved the ball pit. I loved the creepy animatronic show Chuck and his friends put on. I loved the kiddie rides. Chuck E. Cheese days were the best!

So will your kids have the opportunity to build similar memories? For now, yes! Boise's only Chuck E. Cheese location on Fairview Avenue was NOT on the list of locations to be cut.

It comes as no surprise that Chuck E. Cheese really took a hit as states implemented stay home orders at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. They offered delivery through Grub Hub both as Chuck E. Cheese and a slightly more upscale "Pasqually's Pizza & Wings," but still saw as a company lost over 90% of its revenue.

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