At the stroke of midnight on Halloween, you started frantically ripping down all of your spider web decorations and dumped your jack-o-lanterns in the trash can. Your next chore? Rummaging the attic to get out the Christmas decorations! 

I'm totally not judging you for that.  In fact, I've been secretly listening to the *NSYNC Home for Christmas album on my way to and from my workouts for the past week.  If you're planning on decking the halls after you get off work this evening, we've found the perfect place for you to grab dinner before you dive head first into the boxes of ornaments and tinsel!

IHOP is rolling out a special Grinch-inspired menu to welcome the holiday season and celebrate the release of Illlumination's remake of Dr. Suess' The Grinch! Just looking at it will make your appetite grow three sizes! Check out the whimsical menu items popping up on tables all over the Treasure Valley!

Grinch Green Pancakes

Tinted green, these delicious flapjacks come with sweet cream cheese icing and red candy hearts. The creamy green whipped topping is certainly a nice touch!

Minty Who-Hot chocolate

So. Much. Yes. Mint hot chocolate is one of our favorite holiday treats! This one is topped with green whipped cream and red candy hearts.

Who-Roast Beast Omelette

Admit it. What is "who-roast beast" was one of the great mysteries of your childhood.  You're a step closer to getting answers with this fluffy omelette stuffed with hash browns, shredded beef, two different cheeses, jalapenos and onions!

IHOP has smaller versions of the pancakes and hot cocoa available for the littlest Whos as well! The menu is around while supplies last or New Year's Eve, whichever comes first!

As for the new Grinch movie? You'll be able to watch the re-imagined Christmas classic in theaters starting November 9!

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