It's the most wonderful...wait a second, it's not even Halloween yet! 

Indian Summer is in full effect in the Treasure Valley.  If you crack open the weather app on your phone, you'll notice that we're expecting highs near 70 through the weekend.  In fact, it was so warm on Monday that I saw someone full on sunbathing in a chair next to Parkcenter Pond on the way home from work. As someone that's planning on a Halloween costume that won't provide much warmth, I'm absolutely okay with these above average temperatures.

I will admit that walking around Downtown Boise in shorts last weekend and looking up to see our iconic snowflake decorations strung and ready to rock Christmas season already felt a little unnatural.  Scrolling through Facebook, it's clear that I'm not the only person who saw them.

So why are the Christmas decorations set-up so early? Our friend Don at BoiseDev made it a mission to find out and tagged me in the post when he did.  According to the Downtown Boise Association, the decorations are set up early to accommodate the schedule of the crew who sets them up.

If you're someone who captioned your photo of them "TOO SOON!" Don't worry, they won't be turned on just yet.  DBA considers their November First Thursday celebration the "unofficial start" of Christmas Shopping in Downtown Boise, so they don't plan to flip the switch until that happens on Thursday, November 1.

I should note, this is typically the time of year when the snowflake lights go up.  A quick scroll through of my "On This Day" memories on Facebook showed that I posted a photo of the lights set up the second week of October in 2017 as well.

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