I have a confession (and I'm guessing there's more than a few of us who feel this way);  I don't love Halloween.  Not a huge fan of the costumes or candy, and I HATE pumpkins. 

Yes, I hate pumpkins.  Everything about them.  The texture, the smell, the pain of cleaning out the disgusting guts out, the challenge of caring intricate designs, and the spotty attention of the 8 year-old who was SO sure he wanted to carve.

Yeah, pumpkins are the worst part.

Even since I was my son's age, I haven't had a strong "zest" for Halloween.  I didn't ever like face paint or being trapped inside costumes that required makeup.  I was frustrated by houses that didn't advance my Snickers, Twix, Baby Ruth, or M&M's agenda, and the pumpkins didn't make too excited either.  I did like the hanging with friends, and I didn't mind handing out candy at the door, but I as I grew older, Halloween just didn't have the magic for me.

That is until your kiddo loves it.  I've LOVED taking him trick-or-treating, we even did the Halloween Run (in Mario & Luigi costumes) Downtown a couple years back.  So when he got a pumpkin from a daycare field trip, I knew this year would be no exception, and we would have to dive into the carving process.

We did, I survived, he liked it, all is well with the world.  Though if he ever decides we don't need to do the pumpkin part, I will be fine with that.