divorced dad diary

A Great Summer Weekend
For some, today is just another part of a long Independence Day Weekend.  For others, we're back to work for a day.  Either way, I hope your weekend was as good as mine.
Watching My Kiddo Grow Up
My son is eight years old and, this year, has decided that playing baseball was the "must do" sports choice.  Last night was his first game, and it was a very cool moment.
Why I Hate Halloween Stuff
I have a confession (and I'm guessing there's more than a few of us who feel this way);  I don't love Halloween.  Not a huge fan of the costumes or candy, and I HATE pumpkins.
How Do You Get Rid Of Cankers?
I've got a kiddo who is dealing with something very unpleasant; Canker Sores.  He keeps getting them and I'm hoping you might have found a solution that you're willing to share.